Before Alexander Ovechkin raised the cup, before he scored number 700, there was a man who scored 500. This man led the Caps to the finals and for a long time was the franchises only truly bona-fide superstar. Yet somehow, Peter Bondra does not have his number retired for the Washington Capitals.

What he did for the Capitals cannot be debated. When he left, the franchise sank to the bottom for years until that number 1 overall pick changed everything. The Vancouver Canucks just retired the numbers of both Sedin twins. Neither twin came within a 100 goals of Bondra's total. Bondra led the league in goals twice, a 5 time all star, and a superstar for the Slovakia international team. He also continues to live in the DC area and active for the team's alumni.

No one should wear number 12 again.

Need more convincing?

Listen to the Nuclears sing about him.